The Downtown Dip is a hometown ice cream shop in Carterville, Illinois offering hand-dipped Premium ice cream and select soft-serve items. The shop not only provides delicious ice cream, but a community centered gathering place for families and friends as well as specialty items like cakes, ice cream sandwiches, take home pints, and the delicious and popular Pazooki!​

Ice Cream & Scoops

When our family moved to Carterville, IL in 2016, we instantly fell in love with the town and community but there was one important thing missing- Ice Cream! Having just come from Pennsylvania, where there are Hometown Ice Cream stands everywhere you turn, we knew this deliciousness was something we wanted to share with our new friends and community.  


In early 2020, our family decided to combine our ice cream passion with creating a friendly place for teens to work and families to gather. We began dreaming up, designing, and building an ice cream shop of our own. We hope The Downtown Dip will bring even more fun and smiles to the people of Carterville and the Southern Illinois area that we now call home.


Faith Wagner